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What is CPF?

The Personal Training Account («Compte Personnel de Formation» – CPF) allows employees or jobseekers to pursue professional training on their own behalf. It allows them to accumulate hours of training that they will keep even if they change jobs or find themselves unemployed from the start of their work life, during their career and until their retirement.

At January the 1st, 2015, the Personal Training Account is credited a certain number of hours at the end of every year. A fulltime worker account is credited with:

  • 24 hours a year during the first 5 years or 120h;
  • Then 12 hours a year for 3 years, in order to reach the maximum ceiling of 150h.

Since January the 1st, 2019, CPF rights are calculated on the basis of a 360 euros ceiling (24 hours multiplied 15€ by hours) by year for a fulltime worker.

On or after January the 1st, 2020:

  • Any employees working at least part time acquires 500 € per year, with a ceiling of 5000 €
  • This amount increases to 800 € per year for an unqualified employee or for a disabled person working in ESAT, with an 8000 € ceiling.

A corporate collective agreement may provide with more favorable terms for the funding of the account.

To create a CPF, go to: www.moncompteactivite.gouv.fr and login in with your social security number. Employees can use their Personal Training Account either outside working hours during working hours:

Outside working hours: employees don’t need to ask permission to their employer.

During working hours: employees must have their employer’s approval on both the calendar and the choice of the training.

These professional trainings allow:

  • To acquire a qualification (diploma, professional title, etc.).
    • To acquire a set of knowledge and skills (languages, etc.).
    • To be accompanied for the validation of the acquired experience (VAE).
    • Perform a personal skills assessment.
    • Create or take over a business.

In 2015, the CPF fund can be divided in several trainings. For instance, an account of 120h can be split into 80 hours of Chinese courses and 40 hours of English courses.

In 2019, the CPF fund can be divided in several trainings. For instance, an account of 1200 € can be shared in 800 € for learning chinese and 400 € dedicated to learning english.

  • Private-sector employee
  • Jobseekers
  • Workers in the entertainment industry
  • People in professional security contracts
  • Official or contractual public official
  • Self-employed

To finance CPF training, it is necessary to submit a file with the OPCA (joint registered collector organization) of his company or with the Pôle Emploi (employment center) for job seeker. It is the OPCA or Pôle Emploi who grant the funding of the training.

You can apply online at www.moncompteactivite.gouv.fr. The file must be accompanied by a cost estimate and a training plan.

Our Institute offers to help you build this file for free and to accompany you to obtain its validation in the best possible conditions.


For everyone: The Personal Training Account concerns all working people over the age of 16 and all statuses (private-sector employees, jobseekers, civil servants or self-employed persons).

For all those with special needs: specific devices and services meet the specific needs of certain working people: young people under the age of 26 without a diploma from the education system, low-skilled employees, employees exposed to difficult jobs, volunteers, and creators or buyers of businesses.

Created in May 2004, the individual right to training (DIF) allowed every employee with at least one year of seniority to capitalize hours available for training.

To know your DIF balance, your employer (or former employer) must have sent you, in writing before January 31, 2015, the number of hours acquired under the DIF and not used on December 31, 2014.

You can find this information either:

  • on your pay slip of December 2014 or January 2015
  • on a specific certificate sent by your employer
  • on your work certificate issued by your former employer
  • from your employer

If you cannot find it, contact your (last) employer or your employment center (Pôle emploi).

You can use your DIF hours until December 31, 2020, with your personal training account. As with the CPF hours or in addition to these, you have access to all the courses offered.

The CIF was abolished on 1 January 2019 and was replaced by the Personal Training Account (CPF) – professional transition whose management is provided by the Fongecif network. Contact your place of residence or place of work.

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