Preparation to examination HSK/DCL

With nearly 98% of success to the examinations over the past years, Institut Chine Education prepares you to pass the 6 levels of HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi). We also stand you to prepare BCT (Business Chinese Test) and DCL (Diplôme de Compétence en Langue).

HSK and BCT are the only examinations with international recognition, and are recognized by the authority of China People’s Republic’s Ministry of Education. They will enable you to formalize your languages skills and/or apply for a Chinese University. If you have to work in collaboration with China or have a project to do so, the HSK examination will be the proof of you skills towards your employer or your partners.

HSK - 98 % of success
over the past years

Our assets prepare you for Chinese examinations
  • Native speaker teachers
  • Individual courses that you can combine with community courses
  • Free placement tests
  • Flexible courses schedule
  • Conversation and writing working group
  • Tests simulations
Specialized programs:

DCL is a national professional diploma created only for adults. It enables you to evaluate the language skills that have been accumulated in relation to business field in order to facilitate exchanges in a professional context. According to their results, candidates can receive a diploma with the CECRL mention (Cadre Européen Commun de Référence pour les Langues).

These standardized examinations evaluate the Chinese Mandarin skills of people who are not Chinese native speakers. It is the equivalent of TOEIC examination. HSK is about writing and oral understanding and Chinese writing. It includes 6 levels:

Exam to pass CECRL equivalent Amount of Chinese characters to learn)
HSK 1 A1 150
HSK 2 A2 300
HSK 3 B1 600
HSK 4 B2 1200
HSK 5 C1 2500
HSK 6 C2 5000 et plus

It is a Chinese business test. There are two BCT tests: an understanding one (oral and written), and an expression on. Levels move from 2 to 5.

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