Russian courses

Does the complexity of Russian culture intrigue you? Do you want to know this mysterious country better and read Pouchkine in original version? You can learn Russian at our institute.

Courses of either 1 and a half hour or 2 hours
Monday to Friday
from 8 am to 9pm
on Saturdays
from 8 am to 6pm

Why should you learn Russian?
  • More than 140 million people living in Russia and more than 300 million in ex-USSR use Russian as communication language.
  • Russia represents a huge and increasing market for opportunity
  • Banking and finance sectors are booming.
  • Many Russian writers, filmmakers, and composers are known all around the world.
Why should you choose Institut Chine Education
  • All our courses are provided by native speaker teachers.
  • Individual or community courses (from 4 to 8 participants with a homogeneous level)
  • Teaching based on practice and conversations with the teacher
  • Our schedule is flexible to fit the most diverse range of students possible
  • Free placement tests

Contact us by e-mail or by phone on 04 72 34 63 53