Portuguese courses

Courses of either 1 and a half hour or 2 hours
Monday to Friday
from 8 am to 9pm
on Saturdays
from 8 am to 6pm

Why should you learn Portuguese?
  • It is one of the most spoken language in the World.
  • Portuguese is spoken in 11 countries over 4 continents
  • It is a constantly growing in popularity
  • Trade between Brazil and Europe is increasingly becoming more and more common
  • A lot of professional sectors are looking for a workforce who is able to speak Portuguese
Why should you choose Institut Chine Education
  • All our courses are provided by native speaker teachers.
  • Individual or community courses (from 4 to 8 participants with a homogeneous level)
  • Teaching based on practice and conversations with the teacher
  • Our schedule is flexible to fit the most diverse range of students possible
  • Free placement tests

Contact us by e-mail or by phone on 04 72 34 63 53