Chinese courses

Accredited by the Confucius Network and Institute, Institut Chine Education offers six different level courses which correspond to the six HSK levels. These courses are categorized by levels which are determined by the Education Ministry and Department for Education of People’s Republic of China.

Courses of either 1 and a half hour or 2 hours
Monday to Friday
from 8 am to 9pm
on Saturdays
from 8 am to 6pm

Why should you learn Chinese?
  • Chinese is the most spoken language in the World;
  • China has become a major stakeholder of the global economy;
  • Demand for professionals who can speak Chinese has considerably increased;
  • Speaking Chinese will enable you to differentiate yourself from competitors;
Why should you choose Institut Chine Education
  • Free aptitude test;
  • Experienced Chinese native speaker teachers;
  • Flexible courses schedule;
  • Fast improvement to reach the language level you want to get to;
  • Lessons are given at our premises or at your workplace anywhere in France;
  • Possibility to attend distance-learning courses via telephone or videoconference;

Institut Chine Education proposes group courses for small groups (from 4 to 8 people with a homogeneous level), individual courses or both (mixed courses) for faster and more personalized improvement. For each kind of course, many options are possible:

This training combines the learning of written English with oral practice. It is designed for those who want to quickly learn Chinese as part of the professional environment.

This formation enables speaking with more fluency, and to be able to naturally express oneself on varied subjects.

This is a shared moment during which students can interact with teachers to get to know them better. This course also enables to improve attendees’ oral expression.

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